Pocket Door Kits

Everything You Need to Know About Sliding Doors

Some call them cavity sliders, others simply sliding door gear, or pocket door systems.
You can call them anything you like but they are now a must in the new buildings. The great success of sliding doors in interior design is due to some simple factors: they help you gaining useable space (8% average); they perfectly fit any kind of furnishing style, they are reliable and safe.

However, the door itself is only a lively counterpart of the real protagonist: the pocket door system. It replaces the wall hosting the door when it is fully open. Evokit Pocket Door Kit

The pocket door system

The pocket door system is a sort of metal box created to merge with the wall.

The plasterboard wall version has metal plates where the plasterboard sheets are screwed using proper wall plugs.

The pocket door systems can fit any wall of the room except the load-bearing walls or the ones through which flue coupling passes. In the latter cases, you can create a new fake plasterboard wall close to the original one and put a pocket door system inside.

The sliding door

Inside the pocket, on the top, there is the rail in which trolleys slide carrying the door. The door slides thanks to this rail, so the quality of the track kit is very important: the trolleys are the only part of the pocket door that actually moves (except of the door of course). Ermetika trolleys are made of high resistance nylon, and they can bear up to 100 kg for 100.000 cycles of opening/closing operation with a tensile strength of 576 Kg. They are designed and implemented to guarantee fluidity, silence, strength and long lifespan. Evokit Pocket Door Kit
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